Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Adele Dejak Tribal Chic Fashion Show 2015

Adele Dejak was born in Nigeria and raised in England. She later moved to kenya  where her interest in design peeked. Her passion for design has opened new doors for her these past few years. From a single store in Lamu to a boutique in Village Market and at The Westgate mall in Nairobi. In 2010 she opened her main workshop along Kiambu Road due to its close proximity to the one at The Westgate mall. She is known for her unique African fashion prowess incorporating locally produced materials such as the cow horn and different types of metal, beads and hides just to mention a few. Her splendor in African art, as far as fashion design goes, has aided in turning this young graphic designer into an admirable icon all across the African continent and beyond it's borders. er brand, Adéle Dejak, has graced her with the opportunity to be published in renowned fashion publications such as Vogue Italia.

She recently held her annual fashion event at The Tribe Hotel in Nairobi where she and her models showcased the eagerly awaited jewellery, made from the Ankole cow-horn and recycled metals. The LBD (Little Black Dress) Collection, inspired by the Maasai women of dressing, was also previewed.

The models looked dashing accessorizing in in black and gold. There was an array of immaculate synchrony as they showcased their conspicuous African-inspired attires from head to toe. Bloggers and other fashion press had a lot to capture at the event.
The event also gave a platform for shoes worn by some of Kenya's top models and were both made and designed by her.

The Adele Dejak Fashion Show 2015 had the pleasure of having the presence of it's new brand ambassador, Nancie Mwai (left) and the Business Development Manager, Esther Ndeti.
Nancie Mwai expressed her exitment on joining the Adele team as seen her blog "This year started on a high note..I'm the new brand ambassador for Adele Dejak, a brand that I have been in love with for a very long time...I am so exited about this amazing partnership!".

It was a successful event the Adele Dejak team managed to captivate prospective clients and make a name for themselves in the global fashion market.

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